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CAFM is the heart of the property.

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Property management is the head of the property.

Also your?


Cable management is the nerve of your networks.


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Properties are transparent.

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FTTx combines rapidly

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Billing creates transparency

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We do not do things by halves.

For many years we are successfully developing software for you - andleading you safely to project success.

With an experienced team, we solve your problems in the areas of CAFM-Software, Wireless and network management, FTTx or software-based Cost control. To round off, we offer not only software and Consulting but also services for Data Acquisition and importing legacy data.

Here we are leading specialists and offer proven and innovative solutions.


Software for the management of real estate. Fully certified by GEFMA 444. Including HelpDesk and integrated 3D CAD editor.


Active property management to ensure your property. Formation of key figures and budgets. REG-IS integration.


Integration of all property-related documents incl. Rents, leases and overview of location, use, trees and green spaces. Indexation and target position. GIS integration.


Cable management software for the planning and operation of heterogeneous networks. Including FTTx and ITIL support. Get control of your networks.


Planning, configuring, building, and documenting. We combine the entire process in a single, compact and reliable solution. Including interface to GIS software.


Cost ./. benefit analyzes for high transparency in combination with an effective IT management. Correct and efficient settlement of services rendered.

Our solutions for your success.

IMSWARE is modular constructed and based on a continuous object management with redundancy-free data storage.

The standard software is highly flexible so the user has the most diverse options to work. Already with the basic system, consisting of object management, a fully integrated 3D-Grafik/CAD, reporting and Dashboards, you are able to manage all relevant Master Data in just one place.

Depending on requirements, the base system is easily with additional modules expandable. These may be used in combination or individually gradually. This investment is only required when the benefits emerges in the short term.

Furthermore, can be recognized from the first moment where the need for improvement is greatest and a short-term goal achievement is most urgently desired. In addition to the mature c/s architecture, which comes on a variety of platforms to use, we offer modern Web-based Multi-tier technologies based on HTML5.

This means you can use the software via our computer center for a fixed monthly rate through your existing Internet connection to use. Without installing it to your own hardware or database (SaaS & ASP).

And with our APPs you will be mobile on your Smartphone or Tablet . The integration into an existing IT environment is done preferably via web services.

Also other products are integrated to a completely integrated solution.


We accompany you on your way.

We accompany you with an experienced Team of professionals in the context of a thoughtful, individually tailored Concept.

Consulting for IMS means to analyze conditions to take into account structures and successful solution strategies to present.

And even after the system implementation, we guarantee you an optimal User Support - For example in the form of Software Support (SWU). In the center of all considerations is your respective needs. In order to realize a perfectly matched to your corporate strategy solution and thus to ensure a solid investment, vision and strategic understanding are necessary.

IMS can be used in this context to in-depth knowledge and experience from a Variety of projects . We do not just achieve the best conditions for successful system introduction we not only create the optimal conditions for a successful system implementation, but also ensure a continuous improvement in daily use. And also under the quality management process "european energy award" (eea) we will accompany you.

All IMS services can be assembled by our customers as required, and flexible be retrieved, of course, we come to you on site.

This is an exact adaptation to the respective operational features and needs possible.


Project Plan for success.

We offer another before your basic decision free initial analysisand propose a solution for your software solution.

Because: Lack of acceptance of change and concerns about the aspired Cost-benefit transparency often pose a risk to the achievement of project objectives dar.

Our Concept these risks into perspective very successful because we introduce the User gently but firmly on the software and process changes and staff are allowed to grow with the successive introduction of the system. This promotes the acceptance of the system.

A Full range system introduction frequently with all the functionality and all process changes in one shot turns out to be too complex. You can use the associated requirements are difficult to implement, which also affects the achievement of monetary targets. CAFM projects can fail due to an incorrect procedure. Not necessarily in the wrong software.

Since our system through its modular Structure can be summarized as required, we will first of all where positive change is most urgently desired. So we can convince the users of IMSWARE and begin in additional topic areas for many small goals.

Often it is not the software that affects the success of a project significantly, but the approach and the positive attitude of project participants. A software solution is a powerful tool indeed, that in accordance with effective Data should be used.

The most important component for success remains the man.


Your data. Turnkey delivered.

Not always are the company for a efficient use of software necessary before data stocks.

A Data collection with sound judgment therefore is an essential component in building a business management system. Before the inventory data collection is carried out for your building and your new software, we work with you to determine which data for daily practice are actually relevant.

And do not forget: In order to ensure legal certainty in many areas! Data acquisition itself is performed by means of the latest technology and is possible if required by mobile digitization and rotating laser.

The Integration of existing data can also be carried out, for example, legacy systems, databases, ERP software, Excel, CSV files, paper drawings or existing CAD assets.

We take care of your Data.


If you have even a question.

We offer another before your basic decision free initial analysis and propose a solution for your software solution.

And for a perfect start with IMSWARE we offer a variety of Training and continuing education opportunities.

This optimizes the acceptance of the system the new system, while ensuring the full realization of the potential of IMSWARE. In terms of Training and Support We serve our customers competently and with short reaction times. A qualified service team provides sound support. Our remote tools here. We use the preferred Remote Support TeamViewer (over an SSL secured connection) or rely on customer specified software.

IMS customers with software support contract (SWU / maintenance contract) also have exclusive access to the Customer on the Internet. Here you will find, including user information around IMSWARE, updates, downloads and extensions or training dates.

In order to operate successfully.


IMSWARE best practice

Our projects are structured according to a proven success method: IMSWARE "best practice".

For you this means maximum safety in the introduction.




We establish, in close consultation with you, project planning, requirements definition, target definition.



We perform the configuration, installation and training. The system is ready for use.

Go-Live und Support

Go-Live and Support

Together we perform the target control. And we provide training and support.


The IMS stands for over 25 years of successful software in real estate, infrastructure and their safe introduction.

Talk to us. We will listen.

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